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06 Nov 2007
Discloseable Transaction - Formation of Joint Venture
18 Sep 2007
Discloseable Transaction - Acquisition of the Entire Equity Interest in Chongqing Juxin Property Development (Group) Company Limited
31 Aug 2007
Discloseable Transaction - Memorandum of Agreement in relation to a Joint Venture for the Development of a Piece of Land in Chongqing, The PRC
20 Aug 2007
Proxy Form for the Special General Meeting to be held on 11 September 2007 (or any adjournment thereof)
20 Aug 2007
Refreshment of General Mandates to Issue, Allot and Repurchase Shares
16 Apr 2007
Proxy Form
16 Apr 2007
General Mandates to Issue and Repurchase Shares, Re-election of Retiring Directors and Notice of Annual General Meeting